Tiesto’s Secret for Relieving Stress

Good morning. We woke up to a slew of more bad news. The economy is in recession and probably headed for depression. The stock market has erased years and years of savings. Massive layoffs at companies in almost every industry are creating record high unemployment rates, and I’m already out of mayonnaise for my Costco tuna.

This is not going as planned. But consider the quote I stumbled upon yesterday, and am reminded again, it is about how we respond to the challenges that determine if we will find happiness. So, this morning I found a fantastic hip-hop dance routine on YouTube that got me bopping around the room and sweating off any sense of pathos. Tiesto claims it’s his favorite activity for relieving stress, which is why he provided the music. Check it out and dance the stress and daily news away.

You can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpLkElQfqPE

Have fun. See you tomorrow.