A Viral Strain Worth Sharing

Every now and then we stumble upon a funny or warm post on social media, but generally speaking our platforms have become a cesspool of hateful rhetoric and vile behavior. Over the past two months, however, something new and inspiring has been occurring. People are using social media to share and connect in positive ways. I call it Coronavirus Kindness.

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Welcome RAIN in the Midst of Fear and Chaos

The power of touching our compassionate heart

News outlets and media publications have covered the Coronavirus pandemic in great detail, but they have overlooked the biggest story…how to manage our fear.

Images of patients on ventilators and coffins lined up in cemeteries have created fear in everyone around the world. If that sounds like an overstatement, consider the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard.

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A Remarkable Story About the Power of Faith

This is a story about the human spirit, and the power of faith. It is the remarkable story of a woman named Sandy Brown, who in the course of three days last month, lost her husband and then her twenty-year-old son to Covid-19.

The details of how things transpired do not need to be re-written here as Francis X. Donnelly deftly tells that harrowing nightmare of reality in the Detroit News. What is worth delving into, however, is the psyche and mysterious strength of Sandy Brown.

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The Covid-19 Opportunity: Respond With Love

The Coronavirus has abruptly changed life as we knew it. Daily routines that once gave us comfort are now memories of the past. Our morning exchange with the coffee barista, hanging out with co-workers in the office, an evening yoga class or visit to the gym, all of it now on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.

Replacing our routines is the world of Zoom video conference calls, and teaching others how to use Zoom video conference calls. We watch daily task force briefings, check the stock market, and recalculate how much money we have lost. Finally, we share videos created by people around the globe who are also struggling to come up with ways to exist in a world of social distance. It is the new world order but there is an opportunity.

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Try Being Human

I was in the midst of writing a book on social media when the Coronavirus took over our collective consciousness. Unable to focus on the book, or much of anything for an extended period of time, I decided to create this blogsite which allows for short bursts of attention before being pulled back into the vortex of our new reality.

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Why We Bark

Being confined all day lends itself to spending even more time online than we normally do, and since I’m writing a book on social media, I’ve been justifying my excessive web surfing as research. This morning, I came across a video of a man barking at a dog. Yes, you read that correctly. And the guy was barking with so much rage that the dog was cowering in the corner. For a moment I actually thought it was funny. But then I wondered, who does that to an innocent animal, and why did I laugh? I was disgusted by my own reaction. Is this our new version of entertainment? Is this what social media is doing to my brain? To all of our brains? 

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What Fear Exposes

My new homepage is the Johns Hopkins coronavirus website, which you can find here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

As you see in the image above, the red dots indicating coronavirus spread are now covering almost the entire planet. We are definitely not flattening the curve. I think we all need to settle in, settle down and stop running to the markets for more food. It’s just an excuse to get out, precisely when what we need to do is stay in. But I am out of cucumbers, so maybe just one more market run.

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