Tears of Joy and Sorrow

I looked up at the moon tonight.

It was shining so bright, there were no stars.

Where are we, I wondered?

Planet earth.

The Milky Way Galaxy.

What is this life?

Earth is spinning on its axis, rotating around the sun.

Gravity holds everything down.

Behold this human experience.

And, what do we know about Love?

We have holy bibles.

Poems from sages.

There is wisdom and learning for those who seek it.

There is a Buddhist path to freedom.

A multitude of Holy Bibles.

All preaching and teaching love.

Still, we are here.

With all of our technology and progress.

Crypto and NFT’s.

And more than 100,000 Russian troops amassed at the Ukrainian border.

Are we sleepwalking into World War Three?

I look up at the moon tonight.

Tears of joy and sorrow.

Filled with awe and wonder.

The inconceivable reality of our existence.

The magic.

The mystery.

And astonishment…

That despite all we know,

We still do not know how to love.

I will look again tomorrow.

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