jeen-yuhs: a delirium wrap

I watched the Kanye trilogy

Was feeling inspired

Still I was tired.

Been in bed two days straight

My body is weak

It’s been a long week

I can hardly think

Let alone speak.

Stuffy nose and congestion

Eyes red and puffy

What else should I mention?

Oh yeah, I’m down

Not just in bed

But knocked off the crown.

For so long I was king

From other’s perception

Now unemployed

Cause I changed the direction.

Have nowhere to go

Don’t know which way is home.

I lay here in bed

The career seems dead

Guess You could say

There’s a good bit of dread.

But I don’t.

I don’t feel depressed

Bottom of the game?


I feel so blessed

For this moment

This breath.

Still my body needs rest.

Maybe after I pee.

Church bell rings three.

That reminds me

Days go fast

Even with the daylight savings

They just don’t last.

Back in bed

Pillow, meet head.

Got to get some sleep

But instead, I weep.

Cause it’s all so clear

Everything is fine

Better than fine

These words, this moment

All thanks to You

Perfectly Divine.

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