My name is Neil and I believe social media, our most powerful tool for connecting, has resulted in our becoming less emotionally connected than ever before.

Fortunately, we have the tools needed to create change.

On this site you’ll find stories, resources, trainings and a touch of humor to help us embrace what we have been taught to ignore; Our connectedness and ability to love all beings, without exception. This is what happens when we have the courage to Try Being Human.

No More Shopping Carts

I had a bunch of groceries that I wasn’t going to eat, so I packed them up, got in my car, and found a homeless person on…

On The Road To Nowhere, and Enjoying The Ride

The Bergen train that runs from Oslo to Bergen does not live up to its claim of being one of the most beautiful train routes in Europe. Nor, for that matter, does the Fram Railway, billed as one of the greatest train rides in the world. While the Fram is certainly a technological feat, maneuvering…

Is Your House Built On Sand?

It was a simple encounter, or so it seemed. I was buying a pair of boots at Nordstrom’s, and as the salesman was charging my credit card, he asked, “Is your house built on sand?”

Tears of Joy and Sorrow

I looked up at the moon tonight. It was shining so bright, there were no stars. Where are we…

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